Fresh Life Floral uses technology to operate a b2b floral marketplace at a lower cost than traditional wholesale programs, passing the savings on to buyers in the form of lower rates and to growers in the form of better prices. Buyers who used a buying methods via Fresh LIfe Floral to consolidate shipments or pay off high growers report in a survey that the overall shpping cost on their shipments were an average of 33% lower than they were buying on their regular chanels.

Our dedicated staff combined with our state-of-the-art communications, logistical know-how, professional expertise and involvement are ready to work for you.

CEO Eduardo Polo

An Easier Way to Connect

We build a platform on which growers and buyers can create and exchange value.

This platform is a plug and play tool that allows multiple participants (growes and buyers) to connect to it, interact with each other and create and exchange value.

All industries are moving towards platforms and we work to become the one firm that helps to mange this transition in the flower industry

How we work

Fresh Life Floral employs more than twenty specialized buyers. They daily provide for the widest range in the flower trade for our customers.

Why Fresh LIfe Floral

Fresh Life Floral was conceived by people who recognized that with the power of the internet there was an opportunity to improve the wholesale flower buying experience for the floral community.

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New Varieties

Millions of new flower varieties are created by flower breeders around the world each year, but only a few hundred are deemed special enough.