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March 6, 2018

Hello again to all the flower lovers in the world. Today my blog is all about the magnificent rose Kahala.

First of all, what a great name for this rose, which suits it perfectly. Kahala is also the name of an upscale area of Honolulu Hawaii which has beautiful secluded beaches & the Diamond Head Summit Trail.

To me it has that vibe when I’m designing with it, she is full of beauty. This is another rose that has great lasting quality, keeps on going and going. When I first got this rose & processed it to let it bloom somewhat before designing, I was a little concerned. After two days I was feeling like she wasn’t drinking, so I cut about 4 to 5″ off the stem, gave fresh water, that was all she needed, after that she was preforming in all her glory.

Seriously great lasting quality, I still have her going strong after 3 weeks! Beautiful colour, will blend with the stunning Pantone colour of 2018. Lookout world this beautiful rose has arrived.