26 Ecuadorian Roses Varieties to Watch in the upcoming wedding season

Posted by: Eduardo Polo August 2, 2017

The wedding season is becoming more important every year for the Ecuadorian Flower industry. Growers are investing heavily towards these colors to match customers needs.

There is one question that I get very often from growers: "What should I plant for the next wedding season?", buyers and distributors can help them decide and guide them in the right direction, this will help growers make better decisions, improving our industry.

The business has become pretty much like the fashion industry, where growers are pushed to follow the trend in order to stay current and atractive to the consumer.

To make it easier for every one, based on a customer survey we are putting together the varieties more requested in order of importance over the wedding season:

  1. White Ohara
  2. Vendela
  3. Tibet
  4. Pink Ohara
  5. Garden Spirit
  6. Wedding Spirit
  7. Amnesia
  8. Cool Water
  9. Creme de la Creme
  10. Polar Star
  11. Proud
  12. Mondial
  13. Mother of Pearl
  14. Quick Sand
  15. Sahara
  16. Playa Blanca
  17. Pink Mondial
  18. Nena
  19. White Wedding
  20. Akito
  21. Tiffany
  22. Coral Reef
  23. Moonstone
  24. Lola
  25. Novia
  26. White Chocolate

These are difficult to find and most people in the market are looking for them, if you believe that some colors have not been included in this list, feel free to post a comment and suggest any variety.

We have developed a great tool that you can use to learn more about Ecuadorian Roses and growers and what they have available on a daily basis, you can sign up in our webshop to learn more:



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