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Arend Roses introduces White Soda+ and Lovelace+

Arend Roses will be launching two new large-flowered quality roses in week 21: White Soda+ and Lovelace+ from breeder Dümmen Orange. These novelties will be available on the rose auction clock at Royal FloraHolland flower auction in Aalsmeer from Monday 22 May.

White Soda+

White Soda+ is pure white and unique thanks to the uniformity of its bud. The large bud opens wide like a petticoat, and fits perfectly with the growing demand for the fresh, uncomplicated optimism of the feel-good Fifties. White

 Soda+ is suitable for a variety of floral work: as innocent as a p

in-up in mono bouquet

s, or as a surprising retro element in mixed arrangements. The rose is also perfect for bridal work that has to be really white. The product code for White Soda+ is 117465.

Arend Roses is organising a competition specially for florists. They can win free White Soda roses by sharing their finest creation on Facebook and Instagram and including #whitesoda and @arendroses. The most unique entries will be rewarded with 100 White Soda roses. The campaign will be publicised through flyers at wholesalers and on social media.


Lovelace+ is an exclusive newcomer that has been added to the Arend Roses’ range earlier than initially planned. At the end of 2016 regular customers of Arend Roses were able to vote on various novelties in the ‘Arend lab’. The lion’s share of the votes went to Lovelace+. Arend Roses has therefore decided to introduce this variety from Dümmen Orange this year. Lovelace+ has the product code 119365.

The large-flowered Lovelace+ Rose is delicate pink with a hint of lilac. This gives the flower the pure appearance of a real heritage rose, but with all the qualities of an outstanding modern cut flower. The authentic rose fragrance, unique for roses in the top segment, makes this rose highly suitable for uses including bridal work and special occasions. Its exclusivity means that Lovelace+ is available in small quantities.

For more information:

Arend Roses

Burgerweg 8

3155 DB Maasland

+316 46 197 990

+3110 59 39 125



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