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Ecuador: A tour of the world's biggest calla grower now also growing ecuadorian roses

Sande Flowers is a Dutch flower farm based in Guayllabamba, Ecuador which is located 30 minutes outside of the Capital city of Quito.

Sande Flowers is the world's biggest calla grower with over 20 years of experience in Ecuador. The 450+ employee company doesn’t only grow callas but beautiful lilies as well. They also have a line of summer flowers like Bells of Ireland and Larkspur which are very popular amongst the American people too.

The farms’ altitude (7500 ft.) and its position on the equator create the perfect circumstances to grow high quality flowers year-round. But what makes Sande Flowers really special is their highly qualified staff and Dutch production technologies. Callas are one of the most difficult crops to grow and they have mastered it from breeding to producing and to processing it.

Sande Flowers is a proud Rainforest Alliance member. They believe in their core values. Living by their guidelines helps nature, improves the standard of the flowers and the well-being of their employees. Their turnover of staff is way lower than other farms in Ecuador and their people really seem to enjoy working for the company. The owners believe that only happy and satisfied employees will do everything to deliver that perfect beautiful flower, what has been, and still is, the most important feature that has driven the company for decades.

At the moment Sande is also growing Ecuadorian Roses, you can sign in into our webshop to search this grower's daily availability and place orders, if you are still not a member you can become one:



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