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Will the Chinese want American grown flowers?

What if the momentum and opportunity for Certified American Grown Flowers extended past the borders of the United States? Would the Certified American Grown program have value in another country? What countries might want to selectively promote the high-quality, sustainably produced and unique variety of flowers that America’s flower farmers grow? How could American Grown Flowers compete with domestically grown and the other flowers already being imported? All good questions that a small delegation of America’s flower farmers recently headed to China to answer.
Funded through an Emerging Market Program grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the trip’s purpose was exploratory and the first stop was Beijing. Diana Roy of Resendiz 

Brothers Protea, Ashley Nally of Calla Co., Mike A. Mellano, Ph.D. of Mellano & Co and Tyler Meskers of Oregon Flowers all served as representatives for this trade mission as the delegation met with industry officials, wholesalers and farmers from China.

They learned a lot about the past and current trends in the Chinese floral industry from an official meeting with their national floral association. One of the organization’s vice chairs in attendance was the official floral designer for the Chinese government and was responsible for the flowers at all the government meetings, events and special installations.

The delegation discussed the seasonality and availability of American Grown Flowers, highlighting the ability to source northern hemisphere flowers when the southern hemisphere falls out of season.

They also toured the local Beijing flower mart where local flower farmers were trading. Local roses, snaps, stock and delphinium dominated the outdoor market area, while local lilies, chrysanthemum and carnations were found inside the market building with all types of greens and imported flowers, like tulips and protea.

Source: Origin Matters

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